Word Makeovers That End Client Confusion
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Word Makeovers That End Client Confusion

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Getting clients to accept your medical advice requires that your team communicates clearly. Use simple, straightforward, and easy-to-understand veterinary vocabulary. When clients are confused, they defer or decline care. Pets don’t get needed treatments. You lose revenue. It’s that clear-cut. What you’ll learn:

  • Recognize body language that flags clients’ confusion or worry
  • How to show empathy and confidence
  • Word makeovers for the top veterinary vocabulary mistakes
  • Scripts for everyday exam room conversations (or curbside care)
  • Client education hacks that will increase understanding

WATCH A PREVIEW: Are your words confusing clients?


This 1-hour course includes:

  • Team enrollment
  • Unlimited 24/7 replay
  • Handout with step-by-step instructions and facilitator's guide
  • Online test
  • 1 hour of CE credit
  • Watch on any device: Smartphone, tablet, and computer
  • Your training manager may view learner progress reports
  • Add or remove learners anytime at no additional cost 


Employees may view courses 24/7 on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Employees will log into Communication Solutions for Veterinarians’ eLearning to access recorded courses. 


Your training manager will submit the online form to add or remove employees in your training group. Each employee will use an individual email to take courses, track progress, and store CE certificates. A shared email may not be used to earn CE credit because the first person who takes the test will satisfy it and names will print on CE certificates. Your training manager may view learner progress reports and add or remove learners anytime at no additional charge. 


Online courses are for individual hospital use. Multi-location hospitals and corporate groups will need to enroll each location separately. Course materials are copyrighted. Course materials include videos, slides, audio, handouts, and tests. Course materials are for educational use by employees of the single hospital location that purchased the training. We offer discounts for multi-location hospitals and sales professionals. Call 720-344-2347 or email info@csvets.com with your questions. 

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