How to Succeed with Demanding Clients
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How to Succeed with Demanding Clients

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Your team strives for mutually respectful client relationships but sometimes pet owners are RIDICULOUS! Scream inside your head, not at clients. Then use my conflict-resolution techniques to help you provide solutions to these real-life practice situations. You’ll rescue client relationships, get patients the care they need, and be seen as a respected professional. You’ll learn to solve:

  • “Not-getting-my-way Nadine” questions why her pet needs an exam annually to refill a prescription
  • “Not-testing Tina” questions why you won’t refill chronic medication when her pet is overdue for diagnostic tests
  • “Doc-didn’t-do-exam Doug” complains he’s not paying for an exam because the doctor “just petted my cat”
  • “Coming-here-for-years Carrie” wants a discount because she paid for the west wing of your hospital (or so she thinks)
  • “Last-minute Lisa” demands that her sick pet is seen at 2 p.m. on a Friday after waiting a week to call you and doesn't want to go to the emergency clinic
  • “Backout Bob” signs a consent for treatment but refuses to pay because it costs too much 

BONUS: Facilitator's guide to help your team set goals from the training 

Watch a preview of this course in my short video: Tame the Monsters! How to Succeed With Demanding Clients

This CE course for your entire team includes:

  • Unlimited playback of recorded webinar
  • Handout
  • Online test
  • CE certificate
  • 1 hour of CE credit 

For delivery details, see our Terms and Conditions. This course will be CE eligible through April 2021 and includes ongoing access.



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