How to Increase Preventive Care Visits
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How to Increase Preventive Care Visits

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The Veterinary Care Usage Study shows 84% of dogs and 64% of cats had veterinary exams in 2014, a decline from previous years. More pet owners are waiting longer intervals between veterinary visits, with dog owners averaging 17 months between visits. Preventive care exams help you protect patients while also ensuring practice health. What you’ll learn: 

  • Educating pet owners about the importance of routine checkups including social media examples
  • Increasing cat visits and create a feline-friendly environment
  • Reminding for preventive care exams with postcards, emails, texts and calls

This CE course for your entire team includes:

  • Unlimited playback of recorded webinar
  • Handout
  • Online test
  • CE certificate
  • 1 hour of CE credit

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