10 Ways to Get Cats to Return for Care
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10 Ways to Get Cats to Return for Care

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Did you know that only 40% of cat owners took their feline friends to veterinarians last year? Declining visits could be detrimental to the health of your patients and practice. In a case study, discover how increasing feline visits 20% in a two-doctor practice could generate more than $98,000 while delivering needed medical care. Find out easy strategies to grow the number of feline patients you see. What you’ll learn:

  1. Ask about cats at home when clients schedule exams for dogs.
  2. Teach cat owners how to use carriers.
  3. Create a welcoming hospital environment.
  4. Host feline exclusive hours and specials.
  5. Gain certification to take the stress out of veterinary visits.
  6. Give play-by-play descriptions of your nose-to-tail exams.
  7. Offer house call services.
  8. Design preventive care plans with monthly payments.
  9. Use social media to promote regular feline checkups.
  10. Forward book the next exam today, especially for cats with chronic health conditions.

This CE course for your entire team includes:

  • Unlimited playback of recorded webinar
  • Handout
  • Online test
  • CE certificate
  • 1 hour of CE credit

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