5 Golden Rules to Impress Callers
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5 Golden Rules to Impress Callers

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Pet owners can get quality medical care from multiple veterinary hospitals in your community, so there must be a BIG difference in the quality of service you provide. The service experience begins when existing and prospective clients call your clinic. They need to hear a friendly, helpful and eager voice who is the face of your veterinary hospital. Let me coach your team on how to deliver five golden rules that will impress every caller every time. What you’ll learn:

  1. Start every call fresh and friendly—even when you’re overwhelmed with high call volume
  2. Make emotional connections that engage callers and build relationships
  3. Identify and anticipate pet owners’ needs, tailoring conversations with questions and listening to callers’ answers
  4. Provide resources beyond the call and follow up, even when prospects don’t become clients
  5. Show appreciation when closing so callers keep coming back

This CE course for your entire team includes:

  • Unlimited playback of recorded webinar
  • Handout
  • Online test
  • CE certificate
  • 1 hour of CE credit

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